I am a native Puerto Rican who lives in Houston, Texas, USA. I create content capable to visually communicate without losing sight of the end-user. 
2018, Bachelor Of Fine Arts in Graphic and Web Design, Concentration in Graphic Design, The Art Institute of Houston
Logo, website and maintenance, enhancement and monitoring social media profiles, photography, video edits and compilations, social media posts/posters/flyers, business cards/merchandise and more.
Understanding Of Color & Composition; Strategic Problem-Solving; Conceptual Thinking; Electronic Publishing; Art Direction ;Sales Promotion Techniques; Technology-based Communication Solutions; Information Architecture; Brand Development; Corporate Identity; Corporate Law; Print and Interactive Design; Package Design; Graphic Imagery; Layout Design; Logo Design; Information Design; Concept Design; Drawing; Publication Design; POP/POS Design; Motion Graphics; Photography; Typography and Hierarchy; Font Design; Web Page Design; Animation.
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