Jan Jusino, a talented graphic designer specializing in fine arts, channels his artistic vision into unique collections that incorporate a diverse range of mediums, including charcoal, pastel, paint, wax, and varnish. The result is a mesmerizing interplay of textures and values that define his distinctive artistic style.
Based in Houston, Texas, Jan actively engages in the art scene through participation in various group exhibitions and solo shows, such as RAW Houston and Hardy & Nancy Art Shows. In 2018, he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from The Art Institute of Houston, with a focus on Graphic Design. Jan's expertise extends to brand development and content design for marketing materials and media publications, encompassing tasks like logo creation, website maintenance, social media profile management, photography, video editing, and the design of promotional materials such as business cards and merchandise. 
His diverse skill set includes proficiency in areas such as color and composition, strategic problem-solving, electronic publishing, art direction, sales promotion techniques, technology-based communication solutions, information architecture, corporate identity, print and interactive design, package design, motion graphics, typography, and much more.
2016, Volunteer, Bayou Art Festival - Festival Marketplace Team
2017, Group Exhibition, Art Exposition, The Art Institute of Houston, Houston, TX
2017, Group Exhibition, Starving Artist Collab., Rice Village, Houston, TX
2017, Two-Artist Exhibition, Black Swan Yoga Kirby, Houston, TX
2017, Volunteer, Bayou Art Festival - Photographer Team
2018, Group Exhibition Houston Warehouse Studio, The Uncreated Pop Up Event, Houston, TX
2018, Group Exhibition, Chocolate Art Show, Sawyer Yards, Houston, TX
2018, Group Exhibition, RAW Houston: Reflect, House of Blues, Houston, TX
2019, Group Exhibition, Hardy and Nancy 10" x 10" Art Show, Houston, TX
2019, Solo Exhibition, Bishops Midtown, Houston, TX
2019, Group Exhibition, Haute Houston MixXer, Winter Street Studio, Washington district, Houston, TX
2019, Publication Magazine Issue, The Bayou Review - The University of Houston Downtown
2020, Poster Contest, US America: Celebrating Diversity
2020, Vendor Booth, Market at the MarqE, Houston, TX
2020, Vendor Booth, Shop Along The Creek, Houston, TX
2020, Vendor Booth, Morning Montrose Market, Houston, TX
2020, Poster Design Contest, EDC Las Vegas
2023, Group Exhibition, Hardy and Nancy Black And White Art Show, Houston, TX
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